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Guns ‘n’ Glory Heroes – Now playable on PC

By March 3, 2017December 14th, 2018No Comments
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Sharpen your blades, polish your armor, focus on your magic and LOAD YOUR GUNS! Play Guns ‘n’ Glory Heroes, the ultimate defense strategy game, NOW in your HTML5 browser!

The kingdom has been attacked and all castles are under siege! Dreadful orcs and fearsome dragons roam the land! Join the heroes in their epic defense against this evil menace and become a part of the legend! Help Arlon, the Knight of Light, the Dwarven warrior Smirl and Eloa, the Elven wizard, in their battle against the forces of darkness.

Don’t wait, try it now!

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Game Features

Fantasy Action RPG game with Elves and Dwarves
Control your party of heroes in their battle against Orcs
Use and improve powerful combat abilities
Journey into forests, swamps and snowy mountains
Face deadly dragons and dangerous traps
Improve your equipment and defend mighty castles